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I was surprised at how other shooters handled their in-line shooting on my last trip to the range. As a child of a father who loved muzzleloading, it was something I knew how to load and maintain muzzleloaders accurately. How difficult can it be? Put the powder in, fire the gun, then insert the primer. However, this is not the case. Let me tell you why. After the cap has been retracted, I like running a dry patch 209 primers for sale across the barrel. This will help to remove any remaining oil. It’s now time for me to start shooting. A consistent loading method is essential to get a load that shoots well from your gun. The bullet’s aerodynamic profile gives it a faster expansion rate when hitting targets. This bullet expands quickly, putting most of the energy into the game you’re hunting.

To ensure the bullet’s tip remains intact, you must take great care when loading them. Many manufacturers have developed particular loading jags that screw into the ramrod for easy loading. These jags feature a deep cavity that allows the bullet and powder charge to be placed on each other without damaging the tip. The standard end of the ramrod used to load these bullets will not flatten or disfigure its plastic tip and cause unpredictable bullet flight and crummy groupings.

Whether you shoot loose powder or pellets, it is essential to have a well-seated bullet for accurate shooting. It is now time to load the projectile. Today’s muzzleloaders are equipped with a “false mouth,” which allows for faster projectile loading. It is easy to determine if your muzzleloader features a false mouthpiece. A false muzzle has the barrel end slightly more comprehensive and not rifling to the last inch.

You will need a bullet starter if your gun doesn’t come with a false mouthpiece. There are many options for muzzleloading starters. Push the bullet down with the ramrod until it touches the powder charge. When the shot feels the powder charge, stop pushing! It would help if you stopped moving on the ramrod. Pushing too hard or slamming on the ramrod with a pellet load can cause pellets to break down. These pellets are made to burn at constant pressure. You’ll find that the shots break apart at different pressures and speeds, leading to inaccuracy.

If your gun is using 209 primers and you are using pelletized charge, I cannot stress the importance of using specific muzzleloading 209 primers. Standard 209 shotgun primes are much more potent than a muzzleloading 209 and can cause damage to your gun. A standard 209 primer is so powerful it can propel a fully loaded projectile out of a barrel with no powder charge.

What’s the problem? Primers are only used to ignite powder charges and not add fuel. This is the job of powder. A too strong primer will cause the powder to push the bullet and charge higher into the barrel before it can be fully ignited. There’s also the other side. The Blackhorn 209 has been my favorite powder for the past few seasons. You need a hot shotgun primer to ensure that the breach plug is sealed tightly with this kind of power. For this powder to ignite appropriately, it needs a hot flash.

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