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Many divorcing couples find mediation allows

Average divorce costs in mediation are generally between 80-90% cheaper than average divorce legal fees. Costs of divorce mediation are calculated on either a per-hour or flat-fee basis.

As with attorneys, most mediators are paid hourly. The client is charged the time that the mediator spent on the case. Billing is done for all time spent by the client in meeting, on emails and phone calls as well as any work that was performed for their case. You may think that $250 per hour is better than 300 per hour. But, if you spend 8 hours on your agreement, the $300 mediator will have only spent 4.

Ask for a statement every month of the fees charged by your mediator. That way, any problems can be dealt with quickly. If your mediator is willing to charge a fixed fee, ask if they will consider it for divorce document drafting or a total flat fee. You can avoid some unpredictability in the billing process that happens without you.

Flat fee mediators offer a flat rate for the whole mediation process. Some flat-fee mediators believe that billing by the hour is part of the problem with the family law system. Professionals are compensated for their time in a particular case when they bill hourly. The result of conflict is time.

You should first learn all you can about mediation when you’re ready to divorce. This is before you retain an attorney and unilaterally file for divorce or “serve” divorce papers on your spouse. When you decide to get a divorce, you will want to be prepared with the information you need to make it as healthy for your family and yourself as possible.

Do your research on the benefits of Mediation. Know the costs and timing differences of mediation and litigation. You should also be aware of the psychological and emotional benefits for children when divorce is settled through mediation instead of a trial. By communicating this to your partner, you will increase the likelihood that they will accept the idea of having a less stressful divorce through mediation.

Do some research on the mediators who are available in your area. Choose several mediators that both you and your spouse can meet for a consultation. Search for mediators or mediation firms that specialize in divorce mediation. Get a feel for their reputation.

Go to the consultation of a divorce mediation together with your partner. This will help you get started on the path towards a conflict-free divorce. Learn how you can both avoid fighting during your divorce. The best way to start the divorce is with the goal that you both share: (1) keep conflict down, (2) protect the children’s emotional health, (3) reduce divorce costs. This will create a positive tone, which can lead to a more successful process. You will be informed of your next step by the mediator.

The legal end to a marriage is divorce. Divorce is called “dissolution marriage” in Arizona. You will need to make a number of decisions throughout the process. There are many issues that arise during divorce, such as how to divide assets, debts and parenting obligations.

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